ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) — The family of Auburn High School student Parris Moore have filed a federal civil rights lawsuit.

It stems from an incident from September 2021, where video appeared to show a school resource officer slam the 14-year-old to the floor. Lawyers for the Moore family held a news conference on Wednesday.

The teen’s family admitted that he was skipping class and wandering the halls, but they said that what happened next went too far. They claimed that the district tried to cover it all up.

“Tell me a bogus story like they did as to what happened, that tells me right there they are both involved, covering up what they did,” said grandmother Diana Morgan. “So, they both knew what they did was wrong.”

Morgan arrived at Auburn High School to pick up her grandson last fall. She said that Resource Officer Bradley Lauer and Assistant Principal Scott Dimke told her that there was a scuffle and that Parris had slipped and fallen.

Morgan, however, said that she realized his injuries were much worse.

“This is all he is doing pretty much, and got picked up and slammed to his head,” she said.

Surveillance video from inside the school shows Lauer slam the 14-year-old freshman to the ground, resulting in a 4–6-inch vertical skull fracture. Stephene Moore, Parris’ mother, said that he has not been the same since.

“He’s a very fun, smart kid to be around, but now it’s like he just drifted away,” she said.

Lauer is no longer a school resource officer at Auburn. The Rockford Police Department declined to comment when asked what his current role is.

“For him the lose his job his position, I don’t feel as though he should deal with nobody if he can do that to a child in a school where there’s cameras,” Moore said. “What could he do to a child here on the street?”

The family said that Parris now struggles with day-to-day activities and wishes the school would have done anything besides what they did.

“I feel I should have had a phone call telling me Parris is in the halls, he’s refusing to go to class and come get him,” Morgan said. “Give him a suspension or something. I do feel correction should have been done, but [not] to the extent that they carried it.”

Neither Rockford Public Schools nor the City is commenting on the lawsuit. The mayor said that he supports the officers and the long-standing relationship they have with the schools to provide a safe learning environment.