SHANNON, Ill. (WTVO) — The family of a missing 37-year-old woman is pleading for help and answers.

The family believes that she is somewhere in the Stephenson County and Carroll County area, but said that they need help to cover more ground.

They said that Melissa Ann Trumpy was last seen in Shannon, Illinois at an old boyfriend’s home, but no one has heard from her since Tuesday.

“We believe someone’s got to know something that isn’t speaking,” said Mandy Mboge, Trumpy’s sister.

Mboge is desperately searching for her younger sister after she said that Trumpy left her job Tuesday night around 10:30 p.m. Mboge believes that Trumpy met up with her boyfriend later that night.

“They left together around 12-12:30 that night, and he returned between 3-4 that morning, alone,” Mboge said.

Trumpy’s truck was found near W. Pearl City and S. Bolton Roads, but there was no sign of her. Family is now days into the search and, while Mboge is hoping for the best, she is preparing for the worst.

“Day in and day out, eat, sleeping and breathing my sister, because that is my best friend and my person, she has been my person, so I can’t rest until I can bring her home, and she’s got three children and they need their mom and they need closure, or they need their mom back,” Mboge said.

Mboge believes that someone might have hurt Trumpy, and she is pleading with the community for help.

“He isn’t going to be obvious, but he isn’t that smart either, so just look under things; heavily meadow areas, creek lines, anything on your property, just go around your property and search and see if anything looks out of place or wasn’t there before,” Mboge said.

Family is searching a 20-mile radius around Shannon, including areas of Stephenson County. Mboge and Peggy Bengston, Trumpy’s aunt, said that they just want to bring her home.

“The more land we can cover, the better, because we just want to bring my sister home,” Mboge said. “This is a person with a family and children, and we just want to bring her home.”

“Yeah, we want to bring her home,” added Bengston.

The Carroll County Sheriff’s Office has not named anyone a suspect in Trumpy’s disappearance, and are asking for the public’s help locating her.

Anyone with information, or who would like to help search for Trumpy, can contact the Carroll County Sheriff’s Office, (815) 244-2635.