Farmers welcome Monday’s rain as northern Illinois still suffering a drought

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ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) — Despite Monday’s rain, much of the northern Illinois region is still suffering from a drought.

“We were on borrowed time, up until this morning,” said Cody Book. “It’s a little stressful. Looks like we’re 2/10ths of an inch of rain, just in time. Every time, it looks like things are going to turn into a complete mess.”

Book’s farm is in Boone County, which prior to Monday was categorized as being in a severe drought.

“[What] it really did affect was peace of mind that your crop [wasn’t] going to make it,” he said. “We probably saved a good 10-20% of our crop by getting that rain. It was a big deal.”

Book says the crops aren’t the only thing impacted by a drought.

“It can really hurt your financial situation. The other thing it does is, it can be really stressful if you have livestock, if you have pastures. They dry up. There’s not an abundance of grass that grow that you can rely on, so you start feeding winter stock,” he said.

After the rain, Book says he believes he can breathe easy again.

“This was critical timing. We’re doing grain fill right now. Everything up until now was: build the factory. But, now we’re doing the production of what we’re actually after: the grain,” he said.

Ronald Darin, with Maplehurst Farm, says he agrees.

“The rain we got today is definitely going to help. We’re in the kernel filling stage on this corn right now. Any rain we get right now is definitely going to help in the test wait,” Darin said.

Maplehurst Farms’ credit analyst, Bronwyn Burgweger, said, “It’s the farming industry. It has to be out there. You know, we need to supply food, fuel and clothing to people, and we just can’t stop.”

Book says, despite the stress, things are looking up for his industry, although farming is also facing a labor shortage right now.

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