FBI and Illinois State Police join case for missing Melissa Trumpy

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GREEN COUNTY, Wis. (WTVO) — No one has seen Melissa Trumpy since she left work October 26.

The 37-year-old was reportedly headed to her boyfriend’s home in Carroll County. Her boyfriend, Derek Hammer, was set to appear in a Wisconsin court room Wednesday.

Trumpy’s family wanted to confront Hammer, and they said they believe he knows where Trumpy is. Court documents show Hammer has a history with her.

“He went the next day and told his teacher that he witnessed his mother being struck in the face by Derek Hammer,” said Ben Affrunti, father of Trumpy’s kids.

Just more than a month before Trumpy was last seen, Hammer was charged with Domestic Abuse. His arrest came after Trumpy’s son told his teacher he saw Hammer yelling at Trumpy before the night turned violent.

“Then Derek pointed a shotgun at Melissa in front of my six-year-old son Mateo, so he went into school and told the teacher about that,” Affrunti said.

Affrunti said they desperately want their mom back.

“It’s heartbreaking,” Affrunti said. “My daughter wrote a Christmas list to Santa Claus a couple days ago and came and handed me that. The biggest thing she wanted was Santa to bring mom home.”

Trumpy’s family and friends believe Hammer knows where she is. They showed up to his Domestic Abuse hearing in Green County, Wisconsin Wednesday, expecting to confront him, but were mad when they learned he was not there.

Hammer is in custody in Carroll County on other charges.

“We were really hoping to just look him in the eyes and let him see us, and us see him, and make him look at us and think about what he’s done,” said Mandy Mboge, Trumpy’s sister.

Mboge said she does not understand where Trumpy could be.

“She doesn’t have any means of money or a vehicle, or anything like that,” Mboge said. “So she’s, we just need her, but we have everything else of hers.”

Carroll County Sheriff Ryan Kloepping said he can not confirm or deny if Hammer is a person of interest in Trumpy’s disappearance.

The FBI and Illinois State Police are assisting on the case. Trumpy’s family said they are still searching for her, focusing where her car was found, on Bolton Road in rural Freeport.

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