ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) — The Black Friday shopping frenzy is about to happen this weekend, and financial experts have some tips to help you avoid breaking the bank.

Tips include: cutting out small expenses, like fast food and coffee; taking out a certain amount of your cash for your purchases, rather than charging it and running up high interest rates; or, spending quality time with loved ones, instead of going into debt buying presents.

“The experiences and the time you can spend with your friends and family is more valuable than the $50 gift card that you’re going to put in a card and they’re going to use it. So, if you can do anything to save a lot of money this holiday season, especially if you can afford it, spend time,” said Michael Teleso, a personal banker from Northwest Bank of Rockford.

Another tip Teleso offers: make a list of what you’ll need to buy for Christmas, from gifts to wrapping paper.