ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) — The Rockford-based Fire Dept. Coffee was selected from a Walmart pitch meeting to have its products sold in stores nationwide.

Walmart handed out 60 “Golden Tickets” to companies following an Open Call event on Wednesday, in which entrepreneurs had 20 minutes with the company’s buyer teams.

The Golden Ticket grants businesses an opportunity to have their products sold on Walmart shelves.

Fire Dept. Coffee’s CEO Luke Schneider and vice president Jason Patton made the presentation to Walmart executives.

“It’s been a very exciting journey,” Schneider told Eyewitness News. “Went down to Bentonville on Monday, on Tuesday they followed us around, we presented yesterday, we got the news that we were getting into Walmart and it’s still sinking in. This has been such an exciting opportunity and we’re so grateful for it.”

The locally run company donates a portion of its proceeds to a different military and first responder charity.

“We’re so grateful to be here in Rockford, we love this city,” said Schneider. “I was a firefighter here before I founded Fire Dept. Coffee, and we’re just so blessed to be here and love this city and so grateful for all the support of everyone in the city.”

Fire Dept. Coffee was founded by Schneider and retired Chicago fire captain Dave McWilliams in 2016.

“We’re very passionate about the craft and even more passionate about giving back to sick and injured firefighters,” Schneider said.

According to Talk Business, Walmart will contact the Golden Ticket holders within the next two weeks with more details.