ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) — Tuesday could bring the first measurable snow of the season to the stateline.

For some, it is a chance for sledding and snow ball fights. For others, it is a time to get to work. A pair of local businesses said that they are excited after a slow start to their winter, and they are hoping the snow is here to stay so they can keep working all throughout the cold months.

“Even now, coming into December, we’ve had zero,” said Justin Lopez, Owner of A&A LawnCare. “No snow accumulation.”

After an unusually mild winter so far, snow in the forecast sent local plow operators into overdrive. Lopez and his crew spent Monday afternoon getting ready for a possible job.

“Snow, you’ve got to be very, very prepared. You’ve got to make sure everything’s in good working order. Your plow blades, your plow setup. The lights, the snow blowers. Salt- you’ve got to make sure you have a good reserve of salt stored,” Lopez said. “We usually bring in 50, 75 tons of salt to get ready for the season.”

Workers said that they always welcome the white stuff and the boost it brings to their bottom line.

“We are very excited right now, myself included,” Lopez said. “My employees, we’re really ready to rock and roll. We’re really ready to ramp up and get into a snow event here.”

“I think being a first responder and getting out there, clearing out the streets for anything that has to happen, emergency vehicles or anything, that makes me happy,” added William Lindel, and employee at A&A LawnCare.

Other area contractors, like Belvidere native Matthew Roewer, are also looking to cash in on the winter storms. Roewer has been working as a plow driver for more than a decade now, and he said that snow removal in the stateline can be a lucrative business at times.

Both Lopez and Roewer want to remind drivers to be conscious of plow trucks. They suggested reducing speed and increasing following distance when one is out on the road.