Flinn Middle School conducts Halloween-themed science experiments

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ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) — There was some weird science going on at a Rockford middle school on Monday night.

The spooky lessons were crafted around a Halloween theme, and one teacher said that the hope was that if students had fun with science on Monday night, they will come to class eager to learn more on Tuesday.

Educators are optimistic that kids and parents alike are walking away impressed by the science of Halloween.

“Halloween is magical, right? And science is magic that works. All magic is science, so it works out really well,” said Colleen Ford, a science teacher at Flinn Middle School.

Educators led experiments involving pumpkins, candy corn towers and dry ice potions, and Ford even dressed as a undead scientist to demonstrate different chemical reactions.

“It’s always fun to do something fun with science that’s not necessarily related to our curriculum, but shows how cool science can really be as students learn more and more about it,” Ford said.

Administrators said that the community event was designed so parents could take a more active role in their child’s education, and that Flinn Middle School hopes to hold different events for other subjects later on this year.

“It’s really important to form a connection with them, and have them come in and be a part of our school and see what their kids are doing,” said Brandie Fago, the 7th grade Assistant Principal at Flinn Middle School.

Fago said that taking learning outside of the typical school day can be beneficial for kids too.

“[To] some people, education is not fun, but there’s a ton of fun that’s fun about education,” Fago said. “Like in science every day, they’re doing experiments and learning new things.”

“If they get excited tonight about science, maybe they’ll come into their science class tomorrow and be a little bit more excited, or interested, and engaged to learn what’s going on in there,” Ford added. “Hopefully we can use that to carry throughout the year.”

Fago said that a math night is currently being planned for November, where teachers will lead families in different games involving math and problem solving.

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