ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) — Testimony moves into a second week in the murder trial of Floyd Brown, the man accused of killing McHenry County Sheriff’s Deputy Jacob Keltner at a Rockford hotel.

Among today’s witnesses, a former FBI agent testified that police found guns and ammunition inside Brown’s hotel room.

Former FBI agent Douglas Seccemb said a ballistics vest, two 9mm pistols, and nearly 200 rounds of rifle ammunition were found in a duffle bag under the bed in room 305, where Brown was staying.

Several bullets were recovered from the door and wall of his room, as well as room 306 across the hall.

Former Rockford Police Sergeant Jeffrey Davis testified to finding two rifle casings under the window of room 305. Keltner’s body was found nearby.

He also claimed a bush under the window was freshly damaged.

On Friday, paramedic Marco Ricaldone testified that Brown told him he had fallen from a 3rd story window.

Two rifles and nearly nine boxes of 9mm ammunition were also found in Brown’s car.

Something mentioned a few times on Monday was Brown’s cell phone data after investigators said that they found a cell phone and two computers in the room. Two FBI agents spoke about the phone, but no analysis was heard on what, if any, data they were able to recover.

Every U.S. Marshall Deputy that assisted with serving the warrant that day has testified so far. They claimed that they were shot on non-stop while trying to serve Brown a warrant. Brown’s defense attorney has asked each of them the same question, if they fired their weapon and if their guns were surrendered and tested. All have said no.