FREEPORT, Ill. (WTVO) — The pandemic has caused many traditions to be put on pause. But in some local communities, prom is making a comeback.

Prom is one of the final times students get the chance to come together at the same time. In Freeport, a teacher says she wanted to make sure seniors didn’t miss out.

“With this being the second year for the seniors, if we didn’t have a prom it would be their second year not having a prom, so we felt it was really important that they had something,” said Radina Brovst, a teacher and prom coordinator at Freeport High School.

This Saturday, Freeport High School juniors and seniors will dress up for prom. Because of the pandemic, prom will be held outdoors at the Sportsplex on South Walnut Road in Freeport.

Brovst says while they aren’t requiring students to be vaccinated to attend, holding the event outdoors definitely helps.

“We are requiring masks and it is going to be held outdoors because we are bigger so we can’t really have it indoors,” she explained.

Macy Olson is the Junior Class President. She has played a pivotal role in helping plan this year’s prom. She says with limited options because of COVID, she’s asked the other students’ input in all the decisions. They pushed for the dance to be at Sportsplex.

“We did want to have it outside for sure and she gave us a couple of options we could’ve maybe done it at the stadium, that was definitely an option, or at Sportsplex and it just ended up being at Sportsplex which we liked,” Olson said.

Each student is allowed to bring one guest. Brovst believes numbers will still be down due to COVID but encourages students to take advantage of prom since this will be the only chance for seniors.

“Our numbers are down compared to other years. We’re probably down around 100 less than what we would normally get. I’m sure it’s because of the virus, it may be because it’s different too, it’s outdoors, but those that really wanted something are going to be there and get that opportunity,” Brovst explained.