FREEPORT, Ill. (WTVO) — Robbie Capp raised nearly $2,000 to purchase 41 surveillance cameras to hand out to Freeport residents after her son was murdered.

“I’ve already lost one child and he was our second child that we have lost…. I wouldn’t be doing this if Justin hadn’t passed away,” Capp said Thursday.

32-year-old Justin Capp and 36-year-old Terrance Haynes and were shot to death on a Freeport street in November 2021. Capp and Haynes were shot as they were leaving a local gymnasium where they were playing in a recreational basketball game.

Their killer is still at large.

Eighteen of the cameras purchased by Capp were given to the Freeport Police Department for distribution. Police Chief Matt Summers said they were gone within hours.

“The more eyes we can get out on the street is very beneficial to us, whether it is human eyes or eyes from a camera that we can go back and look at later,” he said. “What the police department needs is partners and people that will come forward that want to see change and address change.”

Capp said she doesn’t want another parent or grandparent to experience the pain she has gone through since Justin’s death.

“It just needs to stop and by doing this every year until my goal is met, one camera on every street,” she said.

Capp said she hopes other people will donate or buy a surveillance camera and drop it off at the Freeport Police Department for a giveaway.