FREEPORT, Ill. (WTVO) — On election day, Freeport Police say they received multiple reports of voter intimidation.

Christy Larson said she drove to the Eagle’s Club in Freeport to vote on Tuesday when a man approached and slammed a “Vote Democrat” sign against her window.

“I was absolutely scared at first, because I wasn’t expecting some guy to be slamming a sign up against my window,” said Larson.

Larson said she wasn’t expecting someone to be campaigning so closely to a polling location, an activity that is prohibited by law.

She said she asked the man multiple times to leave her alone, but ended up filing a report with Freeport Police.

According to the report, the man attempted to hand her a flier containing the names of candidates from the Democrat party.

Freeport Chief Matthew Summers said hers wasn’t the only call his department received on election day.

“About 7:30 p.m., we started receiving numerous complaints of some behaviors that were happening in the polling place locations that we’re not used to in the community,” Summers said.

“Most people think that you can’t do campaigning at a polling site, and there’s different variations of the law [about what you] can or cannot do,” he continued.

Legally, pollsters can hand out election related materials at least 100 feet of the entrance.

The offender was cited for disorderly conduct.

Summers said, “I think there’s things our county is going to do for the next election, because of things that happened this year.”

Larson said despite the scare, she will still do her civic duty.

“I would come anyway, but…if they had police presence, I would think that would make me feel better,” she said.