FREEPORT, Ill. (WTVO) — Denise Davis didn’t think a phone call with her son, Da’Chino Thurman, 22, on Sunday morning, would be her last.

“All I know is that I had called him. He said he was outside and I had told him to come in and put a heating pad on his ribs, because he was hurt. He said he was outside coming in,” she said.

He had walked over to a friend’s house for a backyard BBQ.

Twenty minutes later, she received word he had been shot.

“I’m looking at the number, I answer the phone. They said Chino got shot,” she recalled.

Officers responded to the 300 block of E. Pleasant Street around 12:20 a.m. for reports of multiple shots fired, according to the Freeport Police Department. They found four men with gunshot wounds when they arrived.

Three of the men, two 19-year-olds and a 23-year-old, received non-life-threatening injuries.

Da’Chino died from his injuries at a local hospital.

“He wasn’t a gang member,” family members said. “He wasn’t any of that. He was a smart kid. He had goals. He had his own business. He was respectful.”

“He had a list of what he wanted to achieve,” added David Thurman Sr. “He [was] working on his shoe [cleaning business], trying to get his dog [breeding] business up. I mean, everything he could do to stay away from inside … for him to get up and get shot and killed for no reason.”

Da’Chino’s girlfriend, Janysah Cole, said he was a positive, loving, goal-oriented person with a passion for the youth in the Freeport community.

“He was crutch in this community,” she said. “The other day, when we were over there, he had two little boys. They wanted some shoes. He was like, ‘well, you can come work for them, have them in the house.'”

His friends, Travon Tibias and Martez Edgeston, said they want to honor his memory by continuing his business, Beyond Kiqs Nation.

“It ripped the heart out of the town where everybody knew him. I feel like now that he is gone, that part going with you … you just got to keep going for him and let him live through us,” Tibias said.

Any information about the shooting should be given to the Freeport Police Department, (815) 235-8222.