Fresh tires help drivers battle the winter weather

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ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) — With winter weather in full swing in the stateline, it might be time for residents to take a look at their tires.

Fresh wheels help drivers battle the elements, and a local tire company said that they are important. Just like how people wear shoes for the weather, it is the same idea with cars.

“You know, this time of year you kind of want to make sure everything is in good shape,” said local driver Steve Shannon. “It’s an expensive thing, but it’s a necessary thing.”

The first major snow storm of the season did not happen until January, but drivers like Shannon are now making sure that their cars are ready for whatever mother nature throws their way.

“The cold and pot holes, you know. Rockford has taken it’s toll on our tires,” Shannon said. “It’s about need, but once winter comes, that is not the time to have subpar tires on our car.”

How much one drives, the roads they drive on and even the weather conditions can take a toll on tires. RNR Tire Express owner Mas Gastel said that tip number one is making sure all four tires have good tread.

“To get the best use out of your tires and the best handling that you can out of your vehicle, it’s always best to have good tread on your tires, and also have you vehicle aligned properly, or at least checked,” Gastel said.

Drivers might also want to see if there are possible cracks in the rubber, and should not forget that cold weather can suck air out of the tires, so it is important to check and make sure that the tires are properly inflated.

“Just this last winter storm we had, I’ve had a few customers that did have problems sliding around with their tires being worn down, and it can be unsafe,” said Jordan Swanson, a sales representative at RNR Tire Express. “You can end up costing yourself more money in the long run.”

Shannon said that taking care of his tires in the winter gives him peace of mind that he is taking care of his family.

“Snow and ice, and if you don’t have good tread depth you are going to suffer all winter, and we got kids and we want to make sure our cars are safe as possible,” Shannon said.

Getting tires serviced now could save people time and money in the future.

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