ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) — A gallon of gas is more expensive than ever, and it is only expected to get worse as Memorial Day weekend approaches.

The national price for a gallon of regular gas hit another record on Tuesday, and the Rockford area is already over that average. GasBuddy put the national average at $4.36, and the average in the stateline was $4.47.

Some of the factors driving the increase are the war in Ukraine, sanctions on Russian oil and China’s COVID-19 lockdowns. Analysts fear the prices will continue to rise even high in the coming weeks, when people typically plan road trips.

“I think we will probably be higher on Memorial Day than we are today,” said Patrick De Hann, petroleum analyst for GasBuddy. “Potentially to the tune of 10, even 15 cents a gallon.”

Gas was only $2.97 a gallon last year at this time. There are steps that residents can take to help save on fuel, such as making sure tires are properly inflated, coasting to stop lights and shutting off the car if it is idling for more than a minute.