(WTVO) — Gas prices are at an all time high, and experts said that they could continue to go up through the summer. Many people are looking for ways to save at the pump as a result.

Many gas stations have loyalty programs, combined with smart phone apps to help save at the pump.

“Combining how you pay with the loyalty program with shopping around with Google, GasBuddy or Waze can save you significantly,” said Patrick De Haan, head of petroleum analysis at GasBuddy. “With prices at, you know, $5.28 a gallon in Rockford, the savings add up… maybe two, five, ten. I mean, even GasBuddy is up to 25 cents. You could potentially save $100 or $200 a year depending on how much you drive.”

There are many reward programs out there. De Haan suggested that driver’s education people become reward members to multiple programs. Getting a gas credit card could also be beneficial.

“Certainly download one or two, poke around,” De Haan said. “Sometimes there are promotional offers… that really make it worthwhile.”

While most reward programs are free, De Haan said that it is not a bad idea to also invest in memberships like Costco or Sam’s Club, depending on how much a person drives. The savings could pay for the membership in just a few months.

“If the savings is ten cents a gallon and you’re buying 600 gallons a year, you know, it can add up and the savings can pay for the membership,” De Haan said.

There are other things that drivers can do, combined with rewards, to maximize their savings at the pump.

“You know, try to slow down a little bit here or there, try to limit your acceleration a bit more, be a little bit more lighter on the gas pedal,” De Haan said. “That with loyalty programs and you can save the equivalent 50 cents to a dollar a gallon.”

Residents who go the credit card route should make sure and do research. Some cards with high rewards also come with annual fees and high interest rates.