ROSCOE, Ill. (WTVO) — Nearly one quarter of homes on the market across the U.S. had at least four offers last year.

Those who have been looking for a new home have probably felt the struggle. A home that recently sold in Winnebago County had over 20 offers. It is reportedly a great time to be a seller, but buyers are in a much different boat. The question is, what do residents need to make a winning bid?

“I just didn’t really expect how aggressive the market was, definitely didn’t realize how little we had on the market until I got into the industry,” said new realtor Ken Hirano.

Hirano has only been a realtor for 10 weeks. He got a three bedroom, two bath home listing in Roscoe in that time. It had 23 offers in just days of being on the market.

“Some sent an offer, rewrote it, then sent a better offer,” said Vicky Flanders, veteran realtor and mentor.

Hirano had some help. Flanders mentors new agents with Dickerson & Nieman. She said that sellers typically receive a couple of offers, but since there is such a low inventory of houses in the area, bidding wars are not uncommon.

“If the house is priced right, or even a little bit under the market, they’re gonna get multiple offers and it’s gonna sell really fast,” Flanders said.

Flanders was the realtor on the hot commodity home nearly 19 years ago. This has made her realize just how much the market has changed.

“In 29 years of doing this, I’m seeing things I’ve never seen before,” Flanders said.

Even in the fast moving market, do not buy a house until doing research, according to Flanders.

“I do not like to advise my buyer to start doing an escalation clause, crossing off home inspections, appraisal gaps, anything that is risky for them,” Flanders said.

The original listing price for the home was $195,000, but it sold for much more than that. The two realtors said that the sellers were happy with the outcome.