ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) — Gray’s IGA Foods at Highcrest Centre has been in the same family for decades. Now that’s changing.

“There’s a lot of times where we’re, like, actually tonight included, we’re making a meal, missing a couple ingredients. And this is the perfect place,” said David Setiawan a regular at the location on Alpine and Highcrest. “I like it. It’s super convenient. Oddly, they have had some items that I haven’t been able to find at other grocery stores, so that’s helpful.”

The store is now under the ownership of a management group based out of Chicago.

The City of Rockford’s 2nd Ward Alderman Jonathan Logemann is excited to give so many options for food needs in the community.

“When the Highlander took off [from Rural and Prospect], the Schnucks took off, but you know, the neighborhoods, we have resilient neighborhoods in this town, but it is something special when we’re able to keep grocery stores in the neighborhood. You know, it just means so much to the neighbors,” Ald. Logemann said.

The former owners have agreed to work alongside new management for a while.

The Gray family once ran five IGA grocery stores in Rockford. The Highcrest Centre location was the last.

“You know, it’s that commitment to service that the Gray Family has had in the area. And then in return, we see the loyalty to two grays overall, to the Gray family and so thankful to the service that they’ve done to the community and excited that, you know, the Grays will continue to move forth in the neighborhood,” Ald. Logemann.