ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) — A nonprofit organization helped some Stateline residents build a new home.

Habitat For Humanity is a nonprofit housing organization that helps build homes for those in need.

One new homeowner, Tamika Davis, says she’s not just envisioning her future home, she’s helping build it, brick by brick.

“It would be a life-changing experience,” said Tamika Davis. “It’s something that’s mine.”

Tamika Davis is part of the team putting up the final wall on what will soon be her and her family’s new home.

“I’m kind of excited now as we got the walls up,” Davis said. “At first I was a little discouraged, but I’m okay now.”

Davis says she did not know what to expect the home to look like when it was just a plot of dirt.

Now, she and her two kids are putting in their sweat equity and preparing to move in by the fall.

“They can see all the hard work momma’s put in,” Davis said. “They can appreciate it more.”

“So sweat equity hours mean all of our homeowners actually work on their own houses and the build season goes on,” said Peter Schmeling, Board of Directors, Habitat for Humanity. “They have to put in a total of 350 hours and that goes into their house and that’s how they get to move in as part of it.”

Tamika is joining other women building homes as part of National Women Build Day, to encourage women to put on their hard hats and gloves and pick up a hammer.

Tamika says watching the entire process is rewarding.

“You actually have to put in work and when it’s done, you actually get to see your work,” Davis said. “You get to see everything. You get to see from when it just started from the dirt and then when the house finally goes up. from start to finish.”

“Most of these homeowners have never swung a hammer before,” Schmeling said. “They get to learn how their house goes together literally from start to finish, not to mention they get to learn from all the guys out here who’s been doing this for years and years.”

Her kids appreciate the work their mom has put into their home. They are putting in their sweat equity too.

“Just knowing the fact that we are about to own a home and not rent it and it’ll be ours,” said Martez Lockhart, Davis’ son.

Davis’ house was just one of four homes volunteers helped build.

Habitat For Humanity is always looking for volunteers as they try to finish up the homes by the fall.

You can learn more about how you can help out on the Rockford Area Habitat for Humanity’s website.