BELOIT, Wis. (WTVO) — A Beloit elementary teacher put a call out to the community to help collect snow gear for students in need.

Megan Hauri, a bilingual teacher at Hackett Elementary, said that the response has been overwhelming. She was not expecting to receive so much help right away, and said that over 80% of the students come from low income families, so the ask was necessary.

“It brought me to tears at one point, because I was expecting a couple pairs,” Hauri said.

She realized that some of her students did not have proper clothes to keep them warm this winter.

“We are a school that’s considered high poverty. This year more than usual, it just seemed like so many kids did not have boots and snow pants,” Hauri said. “Some of them are brand new to this area and it’s their first time seeing snow, and to try and tell them not to play in it is heartbreaking.”

In response, she posted a message asking for snow pants, hats, gloves and boots on Nextdoor, a social network for neighborhoods. The donations soon came pouring in.

“My van, I have a big van, and it was stuffed to the brink and that was with donations, and then beyond that people have been sending me PayPal and Venmo, people showing up at my door with envelopes of cash,” Mauri said.

School staff have been making sure that everyone who needs something, gets something.

“Our first donations go to kids who are special ed., who don’t understand the difference of running through the snow, or staying off the snow, and then any immigrants who don’t speak English yet, so we know they’re at least taken care of, and then from there we work our way down by need,” Mauri said. “We’ve already been able to pass out some and the smiles on their faces, and they’re so cute walking because some of them have never worn this stuff, and you know how hard it is to kind of walk. I kept hearing about “angels” today, they were making angels. They were speaking Spanish and they got to make their snow angels, and they thought it was so fun.”

Gently used items are still welcomed. Those donations can be brought to the front office of Hackett Elementary School, 625 8th Street. Hauri is currently in search of children`s snow pants (sizes 5-14) and boots (sizes 11-6).