(WTVO) — Monday was National Voter Registration Day, so Winnebago County did its part to get voters to the polls.

Election officials at the local, state and national level partnered with community groups to help educate people on how to register to vote. As the election is only seven weeks away, this entire week is dedicated towards registering people to vote.

Officials are spreading the word any way they can, from mailers and social media posts to outreach through activist groups. They do normally see a big bump in total registration from this movement.

“You can tell that the public at large has been more engaged in electoral process over the years, that moments of putting a little sunlight and to its importance of voter registration and as Checketts elements, you know, is a good call to action,” one official said.

The process is easy for Illinois. Residents can register to vote online at either the State Board of Elections website, or through their country clerk’s website until October 23. Residents that do not make the deadline should not worry, as they can register up until polls close in the state.