BELOIT, Wis. (WTVO) — The Beloit Cares organization is working to provide free showers to the homeless.

Sarah Hawthorne, executive director of Beloit Cares, said she believes a clean shower is a human right.

The organization partnered with Pilot Travel Center, at 3001 Milwaukee Road, to provide shower access.

Instead of paying $17 for a shower, those in need can use a voucher card provided by Beloit Cares to freshen up free of charge.

“Providing showers is a dignity thing,” Hawthorne explained. “We have people that, for whatever reason, they’re homeless. They’re living in their cars or staying on the streets. I can’t imagine being in that spot and then having people talk down to me, or spit on me, or throw things at me.”

Hawthorne said Beloit Cares is spending $500 a month to allow access to the showers.