(WTVO) — Farmers and manufacturers rely on freight trains to move items around, but a potential rail strike could soon bring that to a crashing halt.

Freight rail unions and train companies are involved in a labor dispute. The Biden administration helped broker an agreement between the two back in September to prevent a strike, but not all of the country’s rail unions are on board with the deal.

One downstate Illinois farm bureau is raising concerns.

“We, like, rely upon rail transportation to bring us the goods that we enjoy in our homes and the food that we, that we eat,” said James Birge, manager of the Sangamon County Farm Bureau. “So, without those transportation modes available, it, food security becomes even greater issue than we’ve already learned it to be.”

Farmers use barges and trucks to move goods around as well. Birge, however, said that truck driver shortages and low water levels on the Mississippi River slowing down barges has left farmers with no other alternatives.