ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) — For many, traveling is vital to their job, even when everyone is staying inside due to winter storm conditions. For a few pizza delivery drivers, the roads can be an obstacle as they deliver your food.

“Everything is just covered in ice. You really can’t even use your windshield wipers, ’cause even the winter formula is gonna freeze onto the window,” said Jordan J. Davis a delivery driver for Marie’s pizza.

“It’s basically paying attention to the icy spots. You basically gotta watch out, not many people can stop on a dime,” said Dustin Mauerman a delivery driver for Vinnie’s pizza.

Local Delivery driver’s shared their driving conditions. The drive is tough, but the walk up to the door can be treacherous.

“I don’t blame people for not cleaning their staircases right away. It’s completely freezing out so I get it it’s kind of hard to get out there. But yea most people’s stairs, sidewalks going up to the house, they’re pretty slick,” Davis said.

“We go anywhere between 2-3 inches of snow, cause of the cold no one wants to shovel or get out there and snowblow,” Mauerman said.

Store owners say deliveries may take longer as they make sure their drivers are safe.

“As quick as we can get them out is as quick as I can get it there, but they’re very understanding. Everybody is just. It’s nice having this job because you’re making everyone’s day. You’re bringing them food,” Davis said.