ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) — If you have a lot of old stuff to sell, maybe one garage sale a year isn’t enough to do the trick.

But how many are you allowed to have in a year?

The number of garage sales allowed is controlled by each Illinois city.

In Chicago, for instance, a residence can only have two garage sales per calendar year, with a third only if the resident is moving. A permit is needed to hold a garage sale in Chicago.

According to the City of Rockford, residents are allowed to have up to two garage sales per year. They can last up to three consecutive days in a row.

Hold more garage sales than that, and you could be in violation of a city ordinance and be subject to a fine.

However, you don’t need to obtain a permit in Rockford to have a garage sale.

Garage sale signs are required to be no larger than 2×2 feet, and can only be posted on private property for no more than 4 days in any six-month period, and they must be removed the day after the sale, otherwise, you could be fined.

Check with your local city or village ordinances to find out what is and is not permitted in your neighborhood.