(WTVO) — Halloween is next Monday, and many families are preparing as most celebrations are back to normal this year.

The holiday can create childhood memories, but it can also be dangerous if people are not cautious. A doctor with UW Health said that there is a slight increase in minor injuries on Halloween, like scrapes or broken bones.

Parents, however, can keep the scares in the haunted house and out of the ER by simply preparing properly.

“I think everything is going to go great, should be a good holiday,” Ryan Camp said.

Ryan and his daughter Emily took a trip to the Halloween store on Wednesday to check out costumes. October 31 is an exciting day for families, but Dr. Nicholas Kuehnel, medical director for quality and safety and pediatric emergency medicine physician for UW Health Kids, said that he is always thinking about the safety aspects.

“Halloween day within itself, kids are at twice the risk on average compared to any other day of the year, of being hit or run over by a car while they’re out trick-o-treating,” Kuehnel said.

Kuehnel suggested carrying a glowstick or light so drivers can see trick-or-treaters to prevent that from happening. When picking a costume, it is important to make sure that it is the right size to prevent tripping or falling.

He also recommended face paints instead of masks, because they can limit a child’s vision. Kuehnel urges parents to join young kids if they are going door-to door.

The Camps are taking his advice, and already have a game plan.

“We already know our route, we know what time we are going to go out,” Camp said. “We are going to travel in a group, we’re going to dress for the weather because who knows what’s going to happen, and then we’re going to double check our candy when we do get home.”

Ryan has been in the habit of checking goodies since he was little, he said. As far as candy goes, Kuehnel said that he always gets one common question.

“How much candy should I let my kids eat,” Kuehnel said. “And when it comes to that, each person has their own rule – let them go to town on it for one night, spread it out over time, or if you want to set rules ahead of time as to what it is. I think the most important thing is that, as a parent, you also get some of the candy.”

Drivers should slow down, turn on their lights and be careful when going around corners.