ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) — Children look forward to their birthday party all year, but some parents might be concerned about leaving their kid.

They are probably curious as to what age is generally accepted for not having to stick around at the party to keep an eye on their child.

As it turns out, there is not a generally accepted age by experts for how old a child should be to be left at a party. However, it seems that parents have their own opinion.

A poll by Made for Mums asked 1,427 parents their thoughts on what age they would leave their child at a birthday party. Most parents in the study said that 6 or 8 would be there preferred age, with 34% of parents saying that they would be comfortable.

Fifteen percent of parents said that they would leave their child when they are 7, while 9% said they would a 10-year-old.

It almost might depend on what the host of the party’s feelings are on the matter, according to Parenting. They said that “it’s usually understood that the kids don’t need you hanging around anymore” by the age of 7. However, parents could always ask the host of the party if they are in doubt.

Maybe the hosting parents would like for other parents to hang around and keep an eye on their children.

Naomi Burgess, an educational psychologist, said that it is important to include a child’s thoughts into if they should be left alone.

“Never be shy about chatting over your child’s needs and your concerns with the party-giver – I think they will probably be delighted to talk,” she said. “You may find that they might welcome your help and allocate you a discreet role at the party, so that you can stay, after all, running a child’s party is stressful.”

She added that the older a child gets, the more “they will have their own views.” This means that they will get to a point where they want their independence, so it is important to take their feelings into account.