ROCKFORD, Ill (WTVO) — The family of Keandra Austin waited for more than five years for her case to be solved.

That wait ended less than a month ago when Eric Jackson was charged in the murders of Austin, her unborn baby and her three small children. Austin’s family said that, while it was a long wait, the announcement came as a relief.

It does not stop there for them, however, as they want justice and are hoping that the person responsible will never walk the streets again.

“It’s no ‘i’m sorry,’ It’s not a sorry, because you killed their mother before you set their house on fire,” said Chanel Seals, Austin’s stepdaughter.

A pregnant woman and her three kids were killed, and 38-year-old Eric Jackson was charged in their deaths more than five years later.

“Before I found out that the killer was caught, anytime somebody brought them up it made me very very sad, but now that he’s caught it gives me a sense of relief,” Seals said. “Relief knowing that their souls can finally rest.”

The remains of Austin and her three children were found inside of a home on Garfield Drive in Rockford. Autopsies revealed that Austin was stabbed to death before the house was set on fire.

Her three children, just 9 and 6-years -old and six-months old, died from smoke inhalation.

“I feel like he just took all the joy,” Seals said. “My dad hasn’t been the same since his kids passed away.”

Seals said that Jackson took everything from her and her family.

“It’s even more hurtful because, I’m not sure if it’s true, but I heard that my brother V’Angelo, he was alive and the house was on fire and he was looking for his mom and he was trying to wake her up and he could have survived but he didn’t want to leave the house without his mom and his brother and sister, so he stayed,” Seals said.

Seals is now hoping for justice and is on a mission to keep their memory alive.

“Even thought they’re not here anymore, I hope that all of our family got a sense of relief, and I just pray for everyone’s strength and that everybody keeps their name alive,” Seals said. “That’s the only way you’re going to heal, is speaking goodness to it.”

Jackson is charged with four counts of first degree murder. He is currently being held in the Winnebago County Jail and is expected in court next week.