Icy roads lead to busy day for tow truck drivers across the Stateline

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A winter storm brought ice, and then snow to much of Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin. As drivers readjusted to winter road conditions, it was a busy day for tow truck drivers across the Stateline.

“(People) seem to need to relearn how to drive, and relearn ‘oh, snow is here’ and the ice. Because you really need to compensate for that snow and ice between you and the car in front of you,” said Steve Cadie, owner of Steve Cadie’s Automotive in Belivdere. “You need to watch what’s going on with the traffic coming at you. A lot of people forget about that.”

Drivers who needed to be out on the road saw salt trucks out in full force, while highway signs warned drivers to reduce their speeds.

Jeffrey Stachura stopped at the Belvidere Oasis with his wife Mari on their way to Madison. They found that road conditions weren’t quite as bad as they expected.

“I’ve seen one spinout. There was a car in a ditch about 30 miles back. But other than that, everything seems pretty safe,” Stachura said. “They’re taking care of it, getting out ahead of it. That’s nice.”

But Cadie warns people not to underestimate Mother Nature.

“Don’t go outside in this ice. This ice is really dangerous. It’s a dangerous day,” Cadie said. “If you don’t have to go outside, don’t even go outside the door.”

If you do slide off the road, Cadie suggests checking your surroundings before getting out of your car to make sure the situation doesn’t get worse.

“If you slid off the road, the person behind you may slide off the road and hit you,” he said. “So you want to be careful when you get out of your car.”

In Roscoe, fire officials stress slowing down near snow plows after a semi-truck crashed into a plow truck this morning. The accident happened near the intersection of Rockton Road and Willowbrook Road.

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