(WTVO) — The Illinois Department of Transportation will be monitoring the interstates and are ready to deploy their trucks and salt.

It has been a quiet winter for the department so far, and they said that their salt supplies are full. They now just have to decide where it will need to go.

“We’ll pretreat where we think it’s, you know, can be effective,” said IDOT Spokesman Paul Wappel. “But with wind, if we get the strong winds are talking about, even with a couple inches of snow, when the snowplow remover operators are out there, removing the snow 1015 minutes later, it blows right back on. That’s obviously very hazardous, very dangerous situation for people to drive.”

IDOT is not going to cover all the roads with salt, as low temperatures and high winds could make the salt do more harm than good if they put it on the roads.

The department has a website that they update in real time with the status of road conditions.