SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (WTVO) — A bill sitting on Illinois Governor JB Pritzker’s desk would keep counties from putting too many restrictions on wind farm projects.

The legislation passed earlier this month after some counties had effectively banned wind farms by setting certain standards for turbine setbacks. This bill, however, caps the amount of distance counties can require between turbines.

Critics hammered the state for getting rid of local control on these issues, but the governor said that this is not a power grab by the state.

“This bill simply spreads that out a little bit more and doesn’t allow a county or local government to hold hostage an opportunity for a local farmer, for example, to make extra money,” Pritzker said.

This is seemingly a flip-flop from the governor though. He took questions from farmers on the campaign trail back in August, where he said that he was specifically avoiding having the state step in and scale back local control.