SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (WTVO) — Illinois lawmakers are considering legislation to crack down on digitally altered images known as “deepfakes.”

The bill would allow anyone impacted to bring civil action against someone who knowingly created or distributed a deepfake without the target’s consent. They could get a temporary restraining order or even a permanent injunction stopping the image from being displayed.

One group supporting the measure called the bill a step in the right direction for people who have already been harmed.

“That may not change the way they feel about it emotionally,” said Carrie Ward, CEO of the Illinois Coalition Against Sexual Assault. “It may not change right away, so there is mental health related to it, but it does give them some options to pursue that might ultimately give them some comfort.”

The legislation builds on current law that helps people who have had private images shared without their consent. It does not include deepfake” considered parody or satire.