SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (WTVO) — The Illinois House passed a bill that would require expenses related to a pregnancy to be split evenly between both parents.

House Bill 2477, or the Pregnancy Expenses Act, would mandate that both parents split costs related to delivery, insurance premiums, or abortions.

According to WAND, Rep. Margaret Croke (D-Chicago) said the cost of raising a child tends to fall disproportionately on women, and that was why the bill was needed.

“The ability to not conceive a child and then immediately deliver them in a situation where there is this high cost I think is beneficial for both the mothers and the children of Illinois,” Croke said.

Republican Rep. Travis Weaver (R-Pekin) voted against the bill, saying it would require a father who wishes for a baby to be born to pay for an abortion if the mother decides to abort it.

The bill passed with a 65-40 vote and is headed to the Senate.