(WTVO) — Chill is returning to the air, pumpkin spice is returning to the shelves, and Halloween is just around the corner.

One of the best ways to celebrate Halloween is to visit spine-tingling spots, whether it be a haunted house or a ghost town.

Looking for a spooky spot in Illinois? You may be surprised to see which city made the cut, according to Travel Curator.

Only six places made the publication’s list of “Spooky towns to visit this Halloween,” including the surprising addition of Chicago, Illinois.

Wait, what? What’s so spooky about Chicago?

Travel Curator says “to immerse yourself in The Windy City’s dark side, visit the Nederlander Theater, which was the site of a 1903 fire at the then-named Iroquois Theater, thought to still be haunted by the ghosts of those who died.”

Another haunted locale in Chicago is the home of H.H. Holmes, widely considered to be the country’s first serial killer.

“Holmes was hanged in 1891 and the castle was remodeled as an eerie attraction known as Holmes Horror Castle,’ but it burned to the ground before it opened,” said Travel Curator.

“The site is now occupied by the Englewood branch of the U.S. Post Office and reports of paranormal activity there abound.”