SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (WTVO) — Car owners in Illinois may not be required to display a front license plate under a proposed law, which would place the state among a growing number that do not require the additional vehicle tag.

House Bill 1896 was introduced by Rep. Thomas Bennett (R-106th) and would amend the Illinois Vehicle Code to remove the required front plate. Once adopted, the Secretary of State would issue only one registration plate instead of two.

Thirty states in the U.S. currently require a vehicle to display a front license plate.

Proponents of the bill say doing away with front plates would save the state $800,000 a year in plate production and preserve the styling of newer and classic cars; opponents, including some law enforcement organizations, including the Illinois Association of Chiefs of Police, the Illinois Sheriff’s Association, the Illinois Tollway Authority, and the Illinois Secretary of State’s office, cited safety concerns.

Several lawmakers dismissed the safety argument, saying the tollway has cameras that record rear plates as well as front plates, according to the Chicago Tribune.

The law, if passed, would go into effect one year from the bill’s passage.

The bill was introduced in February 2021 and was referred to the Rules Committee in March. Dixon Rep. Tom Demmer (R-90th) is a member of the Rules Committee.

Ohio became the 20th state to require only one plate, in 2020.