SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (WTVO) — Between inflation and gas prices, many people are taking a hit in their wallet, which is why state lawmakers are looking into tax relief.

Most of the proposals from Senate Democrats are short term, including a $100 tax refund check and stopping the grocery and gas tax for six months.

Senate Democrats said that their plan would save the average family of four about $600, but Republicans said that the state just needs to cap how high certain taxes can go.

“We need to have that fundamental reform. This is merely papering over those types of systemic problems that have been causing people to leave the state,” lawmakers said. “This entire plan, invest in families, this this plan, you don’t see just one, one proposal, you’ve seen everything from investing in low income individuals to property tax owners. That’s why we have a comprehensive plan, not just one.”

There is a long-term relief proposal specifically targeting low-income families in the state. Democrats want to increase the earned income tax credit percentage in the state.