(WTVO) — There will be another sign posted for everyone to read the next time Illinois residents fill up their cars.

It describes the gas tax freeze that the state put in place at the beginning of the month. The sign itself makes no mention of Democrats or Republicans, nor does it mention any political names. It only says that the gas tax was not raised at the beginning of this month and will not be raised for the next six months.

Gas stations and the Illinois Fuel and Retail Association sued the state over the signage, but the court ruled in the state’s favor. Gas station owners were not happy with the fine that could be handed down if they chose not to post it.

“If the point really was if they wanted to deliver a 2.2 cents per gallon more in their constituents pocket, they wouldn’t have to crow about it by putting a sign on the pump,” said Robert Forsyth, president of Moto Inc. “So, we really do believe it’s political speech.”

The Illinois Fuel and Retail Association came up with an alternative sign to send to stations. They say that it still follows the law, but does contain political attacks against lawmakers who voted to double the gas tax.