ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) — With the recent death of a 53-year-old pedestrian, who was killed crossing Auburn Street on Tuesday, we asked police what to do if you’re the driver in a similar accident.

The driver in the Auburn Street accident did not stay on-scene, but reported the accident a short time later and fully cooperated with police, according to officials.

Rockford Police say many accidents involving a vehicle or pedestrian cause enough damage that it must be reported, but if a driver does not feel safe at the crash location, they can drive to another area, such as a local police station, to report the accident.

“You have 24 hours to report a crash that’s non-bodily injury or death,” said Sgt. Kevin Nordberg. “But you’re going to want to report anything [that causes over] $1,500 as soon as possible. Once you get the crash report, you have 10 days to submit the form to [the Illinois Department of Transportation] and they have to track that, if it’s over $1,500 or [someone was] injured [in the] crash.”

Leaving the scene of a crash that causes injury, without reporting it, could result in jail time.


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