SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (WTVO) – An Illinois lawmaker is calling out other state’s controversial abortion laws through the “Protective Heartbeats Act.”

Representative Margaret Croke of Chicago said that if ordinary citizens can sue doctors or Uber drivers involved in an abortion in Texas, then victims of gun violence, and their families, should be allowed to sue gun dealers, or gun makers, for profiting on weapons used in violent crimes.

She argued that if the Supreme Court will allow that logic to stand in Texas, then the same should be extended here to allow victims of gun violence to sue companies who make, or sell, guns.

“I think that we should be holding the individuals who are making a profit off of people dying accountable,” Croke said. “I think that it is really important for there to be some sort of liability that actually hits pocketbook when you are transferring guns.”

The civil suits would start at $10,000 and would have no cap or limit, and would apply to any manufacturers, importers or dealers if the guns they make or sell is used to kill or hurt someone.