SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (WTVO) — A mass shooting in Colorado Springs over the weekend is reigniting the debate for gun control.

Lawmakers in Illinois have been working on new bills behind the scenes for months, starting work on gun control legislation immediately after the shooting at the Highland Park Fourth of July parade. However, nothing has been filed four months later.

The House has a group working on gun control proposals. The most prominent idea being tossed around is a ban on assault weapons.

Lawmakers in this working group are confident that will be part of the proposals whenever they come out.

“There’s no secret that assault weapons have to be reviewed in this state, and we hope to see something that we can agree on as relates to assault weapons,” one member said.

They will be back in session next week after Thanksgiving. It is unlikely that they will try to pass anything during the last week of veto session. The voter threshold drops to only a simple majority instead of a three-fifths vote if they wait until the new year.