ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) — Two new bills in the Illinois House of Representatives would change the way massage therapists are licensed.

A report by CBS Chicago found that people with criminal histories are not automatically bared from applying for a license. However, this is not the case for certain crimes.

Those that have been convicted of an offense that requires them to register as a sex offender are automatically bared from getting a massage therapist license. However, other serious offenses, such as murder, battery and kidnapping, can still get a license if the state deems they can.

It was also found that there are lapses in communication between the state agencies that take criminal complaints and the agency that maintains massage therapists licenses.

The two bills going through the House of Representatives aim to address these issues.

House Bill 3584 would make sure that the licensing agency would be up to date on all felony convictions. It would also ensure that crime victims know their right to file a formal complaint against the state if they license the perpatrator.

House Bill 3583 would require people getting licensed to be a massage therapist to go through the same checks and reviews as other health care workers in the state.

“This is, I think, reasonable to ask that we have minimum the same background check as someone who is working in any other health care field,” said State Representative Tom Weber.