SHELDON, Ill. (WTVO) — An Illinois man will spend the next 50 years of his life behind bars after strangling a teenaged girl to her death in 2019.

Artur Jensen, 53, was found guilty on Monday of First-Degree murder in the death of Adara Bunn, 17, back in August of 2019, according to Fox News.

Bunn was killed in Jensen’s Sheldon home when she met him there to buy Disney memorabilia at a garage sale.  Iroquois County Assistant State’s Attorney Mike Quinlan said that the “very small town” hosts a weekend-long garage sale event.

Jensen and his wife were hosting their own event. Bunn visited and purchased a set of “Pocahontas” cups. She later returned to see if the couple had any other Disney-themed items.

“They had a bit of a conversation, and Jensen had told her that she could come back the following day and see if they had any more Disney memorabilia,” Quinlan explained. 

Jensen’s wife was out of town at a high school reunion at the time. Bunn returned to the home the next day, where Jensen lured her inside and strangled her to death with a nylon cord.

Two witness were walking by Jensen’s house at the time, hearing Bunn scream “Stop,” “Let me go” and “I won’t call the police.”

The crime was believed to be sexually motivated, according to Quinlan. Jensen had reportedly “inquired about [Bunn] and made some sexual comments” when her boyfriend stopped by his house the day before her death.

“I believe it was sexually motivated,” Quinlan said. “Now, he didn’t sexually assault her. He never got the chance. But it was clear … the day before, he had made and expressed statements of a sexual nature, and … I argued to the jury that when she came over, he likely made advances towards her. She rejected those advances.”

Quinlan believes that Jensen will spend the rest of his life behind bars for the crime.

“I don’t expect him to live. He would have to be 99 or 100. I don’t expect him to parole out. I would expect him to die in prison,” he said.