ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) — This week marks one year since Russia invaded Ukraine, and a Central Illinois man is trying to help those in need.

Chris Manson is now asking for others to support him.

He is looking for emergency vehicles, specifically ambulances and fire trucks, to help Ukrainians in the war against Russia.

A Peoria ambulance company donated a vehicle last year. Manson arranged to have it flown overseas on a cargo jet through the Ukraine Medical Association of North America.

He has gotten vehicles from Iowa, Ohio and Massachusetts since then.

“If people have a fire engine or an ambulance, or they’ve got the kind of medical supplies that we need,” Manson said. “If they’re not going to use them, I can get them to people in need in Ukraine that are in desperate need, and I can get them on the front line and they could be saving lives.”

Manson has gotten more than 20 ambulances and one fire engine donated to Ukraine so far. His goal is to secure 45 more ambulances by the end of March.