ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) — Illinois’ booming legal marijuana sales appear to be leveling out, with reports now showing they’ve been flat for 2 months in a row.

May sales totaled almost $133 million, a less than 1% decrease from April’s revenue.

Analysts blame the stall on falling pot prices.

Wholesale marijuana prices are down, and consumers are buying lower-priced products. There are also fewer dispensaries in the state.

Nearly 200 new licenses were issued last year, but they’ve been slow to open.

A Chicago area school is launching a new degree in cannabis studies.

Olive Harvey College will become the first community college in Illinois to offer an associate’s degree in the field.

The degree will prepare students to enter what has become a billion-dollar-a-year industry since Illinois made recreational marijuana legal in 2020.

The school’s dean told the Chicago Tribune the program will also focus on the cultural and societal impacts of marijuana use.