(WTVO) — Voter turnout for this year’s midterm election was lower across Illinois.

It was the third lowest turnout rate the state has seen in the past 40 years at just under 50%. Lower turnout would typically be bad for Democrats in Illinois, but the high number of early and mail-in votes cast in this election offset that.

Nearly twice as many people voted by mail this year compared to the last midterm.

“I think what we will probably see going forward is we’re going to see more people voting by mail,” one official said. “Seems like people who are introduced to it in 2020 now like it. An awful lot of voters have signed up to be on a permanent vote by mail list where they’ll always cast their, their ballot by mail.”

Final numbers on gender breakdowns and other demographics will not be available until the results are officially finalized on December 5. Cook County numbers were down compared to last midterm when Governor JB Pritzker won.