(WTVO) — The Illinois State Water Survey is asking for residents’ help.

With dry weather looming across the state in the beginning of the growing season, the survey is asking for residents’ reports on how soil and ground conditions are around them.

The group is particularly interested in hearing from farmers, gardeners and others who routinely work outdoors with soil and plants.

The reports it collects helps them understand how conditions are across the state.

“So, we’ve heard a little bit, not so much around Champaign-Urbana, but in other parts of the state of emergence issues, from crusting of the soil where we get lots of rain and then we get no rain at all for a while,” said Illinois State Climatologist Dr. Trent Ford. “So, that’s a drought impact. If we’re seeing emergence, just fine, but then the corn, the young corn tends to look a little bit yellow. We may see some moisture stress from that.”

Resident who are willing to provide information on what they are seeing can do so here.