(WTVO) — Monday marks the end of cash bail in Illinois.

Police must issue citations for suspects accused of low-level misdemeanors under the new system.

For more serious crimes where a suspect is arrested and remains in police custody, however, a decision about release will go to the courts.

Prosecutors can then request that a defendant remains in jail, with the judge then issuing a ruling.

“For so long, we made the decisions about whether somebody should be detained based upon the money they had in their pocket,” said Cook County Public Defender Sharone Mitchell.

“Now that people who don’t have the money, who are nonviolent, aren’t being held because they don’t have the money, and people who are violent or dangerous who might have the means can’t pay their way out of jail,” added Cook County Circuit Court Judge Mary Marubio.

People arrested before Monday or who are currently detained will have to petition the court for a hearing under the new rules.