NAPERVILLE, Ill. (WTVO) — An opera singer from Illinois is recovering from serious injuries after being struck by lightning.

Josh Wheeker was in Panama City, Florida, Thursday when he was struck, according to WBBM. His brother and father performed CPR until medics arrived.

He is currently in the hospital, awake and talking.

Wheeker’s wife, Tara, said that he is still struggling with “intense pain” and short term memory issues.

She posted a full update on Facebook:

“Some of you may know that my husband, Josh, was struck by lightning less than 48 hours ago. It’s still unbelievable to even write those words. He was coming in from the pier in FL, not 20 feet from safety when the lighting hit. His brother and dad were true hero’s and did CPR until help arrived. The paramedics on scene and the nurses and doctors caring for him have been amazing. He has regained consciousness and has even expressed his true Josh nature, which for those of you that know him, means being his goofy, loving, and selfless person. When finding out he was struck, his first phrase was “Wow, that’s pretty badass.” Next it was checking and re-checking to make sure his brother and dad were unharmed. And finally, his expression of love and gratitude for being alive. He is still battling though. His body went through an intense trauma and we are still unsure how it will continue to manifest. Currently, his short term memory is struggling, but we are hoping that will improve with time. The pain is quite intense and it’s very difficult to watch him be in agony. For everyone praying for him-thank you from the bottom of my heart. I believe in the power of prayer and he still has a long way to go. Please keep Josh on your hearts and minds and continue to lift him up in prayer. He means a lot to so many people and this world needs him desperately. Thank you.”