WASHINGTON (WTVO) — Opponents of assault weapons are trying to get the high-powered guns banned during a trip to Washington D.C.

It includes mothers from Highland Park, where seven people were killed in a mass shooting at this past summer’s Fourth of July parade. This is one of their multiple trips to Capitol Hill since the rampage.

They and more than 60 physicians are working to get a new assault weapon ban to the floor of the Senate for a vote before this Congressional session runs out.

“If we don’t pass the assault weapons ban right now, in the next two weeks, we have to start over all from the beginning,” said Highland Park shooting survivor Ashbey Beasley. “From the very, very beginning.”

“The trauma I saw and wounds I saw are unlike anything I’ve ever seen, and, so, we’re coming at it from the standpoint of this is a public health issue, and in order to prevent public health crises, we have to address the root cause, which is getting these assault weapons off of our streets,” added pediatrician Dr. Sheen McKenzie.

Moms from Highland Park will join the Newtown Action Alliance at a vigil at the Capitol on Wednesday, marking 10 years since the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School.