(WTVO) — More and more auto companies are pivoting to building electric vehicles, so state lawmakers are taking more steps to get them to build in Illinois.

However, those incentives were just not good enough. Lawmakers passed the “Reimagining Electric Vehicles Act,” or the REV Act, a little over a year ago. It included a list of tax incentives for companies if they chose Illinois to build.

More states have passed similar, and in some cases better, benefits for companies since then. State, along with manufacturing leaders, passed changes last week in veto session in response.

Not only does it give more tax incentives, but it doubles the amount of time they are available for.

“I think what we’ve seen are other states are moving very quickly as well, and they’re offering incentives only didn’t have, you know, so I think this is a case of we’re trying to remain competitive with those other states,” one leader said.

Only one company in Decatur has taken advantage of the REV Act so far. The Illinois Manufacturing Association hopes for a closing fund for the governor. It would give the governor the power to just cut a check to companies to seal the deal.

Other states have them, but Illinois does not.